Watch Clips from ZZ Top’s First Concert Since the Passing of Bassist Dusty Hill

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Last week’s unfortunate news of the passing of ZZ Top bassist/vocalist Dusty Hill was met with sadness from the rock and roll community, which mourned the loss of one-third of the legendary Texas rock and roll band.

However, ZZ Top has forged ahead in Hill’s absence, and this past weekend played its first concert with longtime guitar tech Elwood Francis assuming bass duties. Here’s the band’s set-opening performance of “Got Me Under Pressure,” filmed by a fan with a very nice, clear vantage point:

If you’re thinking that it feels a bit awkward for the band to resume live gigs so quickly after the passing of a core member, that would make sense — it doesn’t usually happen this way. However, according to guitarist/vocalist Billy Gibbons, this was a “direct directive” from Dusty prior to his passing.

As Gibbons told Variety:

“It was a direct directive from Mr. Dusty Hill,” says Gibbons. “When he grabbed my arm and said, ‘I think I’m due to go visit the physician to see if I can bounce back,’ he said, ‘In the meantime, I want you to grab our guitar technician, Mr. Elwood’ – Elwood Francis – ‘and take him out of that tech station and strap him up with my guitar and make him carry on with every single note.’ And I said, ‘Well, if that’s your wishes, I’ll respect that.’ And sure enough, we’ve been very, very fortunate to have a stalwart standby to fill in.”

ZZ Top’s 50th anniversary tour continues in the coming weeks — click here for more.

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