Yes Shares Cover of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine,’ from ‘The Royal Affair Tour – Live from Las Vegas’ Album Out 10/30

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In July 2019, prog-rock masters Yes embarked on the Royal Affair Tour — and on Oct. 30, a special live album titled The Royal Affair Tour – Live from Las Vegas will be released commemorating the tour.

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On Friday, the band shared a preview of the live set, and it’s timed perfectly … as it’s a cover of “Imagine” by John Lennon, with Lennon’s 80th birthday (and the 40th anniversary of his death in 1980) coming up on Oct. 9. The live recording features Alan White (who was on the original recording as a member of Plastic Ono Band) and John Lodge of the Moody Blues:

Stream the live cover below:

As for the Royal Affair Tour, it was a special one for fans of the band, as detailed at the band’s official site:

The show features many classic tracks across the period 1970 – 1980. The set opened with No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed, the Richie Havens cover from YES’ second album Time And A Word (1970). Tempus Fugit was taken from Drama (1980), Geoff Downes’ first as a member of YES, while Going For The One, I’ve Seen All Good People and Siberian Khatru are from some of YES’ iconic mid-70s albums. The set included a rare live performance of YES’ cover of Paul Simon’s America and John Lodge shared vocals on YES’ cover of John Lennon’s Imagine. Soon-to-be drummer Alan White played on the original studio recording.

The Royal Affair Tour live set and album, recorded at the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, in July 2019, reaches a climax with two of the best-loved YES tracks Roundabout and Starship Trooper, always a high note on which to close the set.

The band for that tour featured Steve Howe (guitar), Alan White (drums), Geoff Downes (keys), Jon Davison (vocals), Billy Sherwood (bass/vocals) and Jay Schellen (additional drums).

Alan White said of the new live album in a statement:

“The Royal Affair tour album, being released in October, is a welcome new chapter in the wide expanse of YES live recordings. I hope you enjoy it.”

And Steve Howe added:

“Having the opportunity to bring together the band members in the development of a well refined set of songs that captures the bands true potential is simply an honour for me.”

In related news, Steve Howe also recently released a new solo album of his own, Love Is (click here to pick up a copy) having been unveiled on July 31 — click here to read our feature interview with Howe about the album and his decades with Yes. 


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    Ouch. They’re releasing this? Can’t even get the phrasing right…and the drums.

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