Coming 9/20: ‘Me and Paul: Untold Tales of a Fabled Friendship,’ Written by Willie Nelson + David Ritz

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Me and Paul: Untold Tales of a Fabled Friendship is the title of a new book from country music/pop culture icon Willie Nelson, scheduled for a Sept. 20 publishing date via Harper Horizon.

The book chronicles Willie’s lifelong bond and partnership with Paul English, described as Nelson’s “closest friend” and combination bodyguard / guardian angel who shared and often shepherded the behind-the-scenes real-world comedy, drama, tragedy and transcendence that come with the territory of a career like Willie’s.

English passed away in February of 2020 at the age of 87.

The book was co-authored by David Ritz, a music journalist/author/biographer who previously worked with Willie on It’s a Long Story: My Life and Me (2015) and Willie and Bobbie Nelson on Sister Bobbie: True Tales of the Family Band (2020).

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Here’s some additional information on the book, per a news release:

Written in Willie’s direct and inimitable narrative style, Me and Paul: Untold Tales of a Fabled Friendship is the career-spanning journey of one of the great buddy teams in American literature and show business, with Willie and Paul not unlike Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn (or maybe Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis). The pair shared an unbroken bond that lasted until Paul’s death at 87, on February 11, 2020. According to Willie, “There’s something about my friendship with Paul that reminds me of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Tom was more civilized and Huck was wilder. Although I was plenty wild at age twenty-two, I’d have to say Paul was wilder. Like Tom and Huck, though, we became a team. Nothing could or would ever separate us. If someone tries to tell my story without putting Paul by my side, don’t bother reading it.”

“In 2020, my closest friend left me. Into the infinite abyss,” Willie writes in his introduction. “The mission of this book is to bring him back…. Why were Paul and I so devoted to each other? Good question. That’s another reason I wrote this book—to show the mystical connection between me and Paul…. It was like I knew him before we ever met. And now that he’s gone, he’s still here. He still knows me. He still lives in my heart and in the hearts of everyone whose lives he touched. Another thing about Paul: I owe him big time. The man saved my life more times than I can remember…. It’s been said that a good friend knows all your best stories, but a best friend has lived them with you. Well, that was us…. In the Willie Nelson Family, he stood in the center. I was the front man of the band, but he was the front man of my life. He was the papa bear, the big brother, the wise uncle, the money man, the bag man, the dealmaker, the sharpest shooter, and the kindest heart.”

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