Out Now: Wilco’s Stubbornly Uplifting New Album ‘Ode to Joy’ (Listen)

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Among indie/rock circles, Wilco is the pinnacle upon which all other bands are measured — such is the legacy of work Jeff Tweedy and his band have put together over the years, having released some truly iconic albums in the pantheon of indie/rock history.

Today, Wilco released its 11th studio album to date, Ode to Joy. The album was previewed in July with “Love Is Everywhere (Beware),” a pleasant little song that set the tone pretty well for what was to come:

Here’s a bit more about Ode to Joy from Tweedy, via NPR:

Tweedy says the album overall is defiantly joyful in the face of global political and cultural upheaval. “The record is, in a weird way, an ode,” he says in a statement announcing the album. “This terrible stuff is happening, this deepening sense of creeping authoritarianism that weighs on everybody’s psyche on a daily basis, and you’re allowed to feel a lot of things at once. And one thing that is worth feeling, that is worth fighting for, is your freedom to still have joy even though things are going to s***.”

The album is now available via digital platforms — click here to pick up a physical copy, and stream the album below via Spotify.


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