Wilco’s New Album ‘Ode to Joy’ Out in October, Stream ‘Love is Everywhere (Beware)’

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Jeff Tweedy and Wilco are getting back after it, so to speak, as the indie band will release a new studio album on October 4.

Ode to Joy will be the band’s 11th studio album to date, and was previewed with a song called “Love is Everywhere (Beware)” on Tuesday. Listen:

Here’s a bit more about Ode to Joy from Tweedy, via NPR:

Tweedy says the album overall is defiantly joyful in the face of global political and cultural upheaval. “The record is, in a weird way, an ode,” he says in a statement announcing the album. “This terrible stuff is happening, this deepening sense of creeping authoritarianism that weighs on everybody’s psyche on a daily basis, and you’re allowed to feel a lot of things at once. And one thing that is worth feeling, that is worth fighting for, is your freedom to still have joy even though things are going to s***.”

And the album’s track listing:

1. “Bright Leaves”
2. “Before Us”
3. “One and Half Stars”
4. “Quiet Amplifier”
5. “Everyone Hides”
6. “White Wooden Cross”
7. “Citizens”
8. “We Were Lucky”
9. “Love is Everywhere (Beware)”
10. “Hold Me Anyway”
11. “An Empty Corner”

There’s also a slew of international tour dates up at Wilco’s official site geared around the album’s release — check it all out here.

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