A Very High Compliment: Dave Davies Told ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic He’s ‘Always Loved’ Al’s Kinks Parody ‘Yoda’

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Social media has its issues, but its core ability to connect everybody together at any point has really transformed our collective way of life — and, in some cases, opened up lines of communication between celebrities and musicians. Among the latest examples of that is a delightful exchange between Dave Davies of the Kinks and “Weird Al” Yankovic.

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Back in 1985, Yankovic released the album Dare to Be Stupid. Among its parodies was “Yoda,” a riff on the Kinks classic “Lola” that Yankovic had actually written in 1980 during the release of The Empire Strikes Back — only to be delayed five years due to the logistical licensing and permissions process that went into every Yankovic parody.

The song, one of Yankovic’s first of a few notable entries dealing with the Star Wars universe, stands up decades later as one of his most famous and fan-favorite songs, a staple of the live show in which everybody wears costumes:

Well, as it turns out, Dave Davies is a fan of “Yoda,” and said as much on Twitter this week:

… to which Yankovic replied in kind, as a message to his younger self:

That’s validation of the highest degree, right there.

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