Wallows’ New Video for ‘OK’ Has So Many 1990s-Inspired Vibes It’s Tough to Describe in A Headline (Watch)

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Three-piece Los Angeles-based indie/pop band Wallows is comprised of guys in their early to mid-20s. There’s a very good chance none of them remember the 1990s from personal experience due to being as young as they are — but you wouldn’t know it from the band’s new video for “OK.”

Premiered on Thursday, this music video is a time capsule from 1996, complete with baggy clothes, electric blue hair dye, a laid-back groove with enough pop sensibility to call to mind Sugar Ray and other “feel-good” stars of the ’90s.

Directed by Dillon Dowdell and depicting Dylan Minnette (star of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why), Braeden Lemasters (actor known for roles such as Men of a Certain Age) and Cole Preston driving around the San Fernando Valley to a party and stopping at drive-thru burger joint for snacks, the video features heavy use of fisheye lens, another staple of ’90s music videos.

Musically, the song is a progression of sorts from Wallows’ 2019 album Nothing Happens, and the slick, retro-cool tone of everything is undeniable:

You could add these guys to Seth Green’s crew from Can’t Hardly Wait, the coming-of-age teen comedy from 1998, and they’d fit in perfectly.

This music video definitely nailed the vibe it was going for, so kudos to all involved. Plus, the song is another inspired, catchy tune from the band, which made waves with a big 2019 headlining tour and is poised for more in the coming months.

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