Vanity Fair’s “Best Sitcoms” is a Stupid Flawed Poll

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Well, since we knew you were all holding your collective breaths on this one, the results are in:  Seinfeld is the greatest sitcom of all time, followed closely by… The Honeymooners?

Well, so says the latest (and ridiculously flawed) poll from tired old Vanity Fair, who must sit around in their New York offices listening to Al Jolson records on their Victrolas.

The results of this half-baked unprofessional survey (which supposedly had the help of mirth experts 60 Minutes) will be included in VF’s upcoming January 2013 “comedy issue,” with ringleader Judd Apatow – who is (surprise) promoting his new movie.
That’s not to say that the television shows listed are all undeserving of being considered “the best of all time.”  But get this:

22% Seinfeld
20% The Honeymooners
16% Friends
14% Cheers
7% Arrested Development
6% Mary Tyler Moore Show
5% 30 Rock
[Oh by the way, read our brand new related article on The Honeymooners!]:

Photos of Real “Honeymooners” TV Show Locations!
Take a Tour of the Spots Where Ralph and the Gang Lived, Worked and Played

The demographics of who allegedly answered this poll (outside of Judd Apatow and Vanity Fair staffers) aren’t noted but we suspect this was a ridiculously small and unscientifically collected random sampling of fairly old New York geezers.

The New York Daily News immediately called out this insulting comic travesty and announced their own larger, more comprehensive poll.  How many countless other television comedies were ignored for the purposes of this survey?  Let’s list a few, shall we:

All in the Family, The Andy Griffith Show, The Big Bang Theory, The Bob Newhart Show, The Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Diff’rent Strokes, The Drew Carey Show, Eastbound & Down, Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Guy, Family Ties, Frasier, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Get Smart, Golden Girls, Happy Days, Home Improvement, How I Met Your Mother, I Dream of Jeannie, I Love Lucy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Jeffersons, King of the Hill, The King of Queens, The Larry Sanders Show, Laverne & Shirley, Married With Children, Malcolm in the Middle, Mary Hartman Mary Hartman, Martin, Maude, M*A*S*H, Modern Family, Murphy Brown, The Odd Couple, The Office, Parks & Recreation, Roseanne, Sanford & Son, The Simpsons, Soap, Taxi, South Park, That ’70s Show, Third Rock From the Sun, Three’s Company, Will and Grace, The Wonder Years, You Bet Your Life, etc.

And that’s just for starters.  And that also assumes that we don’t include any television outside the borders of the United States.  (Since obviously there is no other “humor” in other countries’ shows.)

It’s an (ahem) OUTRAGE!!!!!!11111

Rock Cellar Magazine will be following this earth-shattering story, but we encourage you to join in the fun and take OUR poll on the best American sitcoms of all time.

And yes for our purposes, animated shows can be “situation comedies” as well.  Note: our survey is as equally unscientific as the one in Vanity Fair, but instead of 7 choices, we give you 107 choices.

Photos of Real “Honeymooners” TV Show Locations! Take a Tour of the Spots Where Ralph and the Gang Lived, Worked and Played

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