Watch a Long-Lost Van Halen Music Video for ‘So This Is Love?’ Filmed at an Italian Dinosaur Park in 1981

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If you’ve ever dreamed of watching David Lee Roth writhe around on a dinosaur, you’re in luck — as just this past weekend, a previously long-lost music video from Van Halen for the Fair Warning song “So This Is Love?” appeared online.

The history of this clip, which inspired awe among VH fan circles (check this story from the Van Halen News Desk fan site for the full saga), is storied. It boils down to the band paying a visit to an Italian dinosaur park called “Jurassic Park” to shoot a promo video for the song, which for various reasons never saw the light of day.

This information accompanies the video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday by an Italian Van Halen fan account:

At the end of 1981 Van Halen filmed some videoclip settled in a Jurassic park in Italy, the “Prehistoric Park” of Rivolta D’Adda (near Milan) The band was engaged in a European tour for promoting “Fair Warning” These videos aired on Italian state television, RAI 1, during a TV show called “Happy Circus”. Van Halen Italia Fan Club found those video clips and shares them with fans all over the world.

The VH News Desk mentions that the video, due to its creation by the Italian television network, “had nothing to do with MTV or Warner Bros.” — which of course partially explains the supremely low-budget value of the clip — as well as, perhaps, the heavy screen time of Roth, who can be seen doing typical DLR antics such as writhing around on the neck of the giant dinosaur model … because why not, right?

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