Turn Me On: The Rescues

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For his latest Turn Me On entry, 88.5 FM KCSN midday host Jim Nelson spotlights LA-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist trio The Rescues….
What started many years ago as one man inviting three of his favorite local singer/songwriters to join each other onstage at his Hollywood Hills house party soon turned into The Rescues, a working band that has, since 2008, recorded four full-length CDs of dynamic pop rock music that soars on the strength of its songs and its airtight harmonies.

Adrianne “AG” Gonzalez (vocals, guitar, percussion, bass), Gabriel Mann (vocals, Wurlitzer, piano, celeste), and Kyler England (vocals, guitar, ukulele, bass) are all award-winning songwriters — Mann composed the theme for ABC-TV’s hit series Modern Family — and as The Rescues they’ve coupled that collective songwriting talent and their individual abilities to play an array of instruments with spectacularly braided voices to become one of the more in-demand bands on the LA club scene.

Now three years and one band member removed from their last CD — Rob Giles had joined following the first album and, after laying down some drum tracks on their new self-titled disc, departed amicably to focus on family and TV scriptwriting — The Rescues have returned with nine new songs that, like their previous work, showcase a sweeping style that owes much to their forebears Crosby, Stills & Nash, Eagles, and Fleetwood Mac.

With The Rescues, Gonzalez, England, and Mann have given us a fourth collection of soaring, dramatic songs, led by “We Are Not Alone,” “Death of Me,” “Time to Kill,” and “A Little Forgiveness,” that exquisitely blend their singular skills into something grander, greater, and more epic.
Official site: www.therescues.com
Listen: www.therescues.com/media
Video: www.therescues.com/media

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