Important Announcement: Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams and Lenny Castro of Toto Recorded a Delightful COVID-19 Quarantine Performance of ‘Africa’

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“Africa” by Toto remains one of the most inescapable songs ever recorded, the internet and prevalence of social media becoming a significant avenue to the 1982 song receiving new life and seemingly endless memes in recent years.

It’s a song you just can’t escape, a meme all its own, an unstoppable force, and so on. To try and evade its clutches is a fool’s errand — and why would you want to, anyway? “Africa” is pretty much a perfect song, and now there’s a new, COVID-19 quarantine version thanks to Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams and Lenny Castro.

The video, incorporating enthusiastic performances from the musicians from each of their respective homes/studios, is introduced by Lukather, who says he was asked to “do something” by friend/agent Rob Markus, even though Toto doesn’t exist as a full band right now after finishing its 40 Trips Around the Sun tour last fall. 

This inspired Lukather, Williams and Castro to link up for the performance. Lukather quips that, “We were gonna do a deep, deep, jazz fusion cut for you, but we decided we’re gonna give you one you like.”

Hopefully, this quarantine video of “Africa” brightens your day and sets a bright tone for the week ahead.

All of this newfound attention given to “Africa” in recent years played a role in Weezer covering the song in 2019 … and earning its biggest hit in a decade. That’s the power of “Africa.”

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