What Are Your Top 5 Songs from The Beatles?

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(Update 7/30: Submissions for the Top 5 Songs from The Beatles are now closed. Thank you!)

The Beatles. Their music is timeless, their influence far-reaching, extending into nearly every aspect of culture.

Help us decide the songs for an upcoming live stream concert event counting down the Top 50 All-Time Favorite Beatles tunes taking place over Labor Day Weekend.

The concert event will be aired on Alert the Globe and Facebook Live on Saturday, Sept. 5 at 6 p.m. PDT.

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Below, please write in your top 5 Beatles songs — your all-time favorites from John, Paul, George and Ringo.

***Submissions are now closed — thank you for providing us with your top 5!***


  • Jakob Gerber says:

    I realize “ I Want To Hold Your Hand “ is rather an outlier here. But given context of the Beatles, it was the song that couldn’t be denied even by the morons at Capitol Records. It was the perfect unique sounding pop song, different from anything we had heard.
    Blackbird for a multitude of reasons. Melodic ,perfect Movement on just one acoustic guitar, and of course the lyrics are as poignant today as they were over fifty years ago. McCartney nail it.
    The End . Not a weak link in this medley, and Paul’s perfect coda for the most innovative,creative, innately most talented group of all time. “ And in the end, the love you make, is equal to the love you make, ah ahhh. Perfection In any genre of music.
    Here Comes the Sun. George came into his own on Abbey Road. It was a tossup of this or Something. It was recorded without Lennon. The Beatles learned their craft so well, just George,Paul,Ringo,and George Martins perfect orchestration. Clever time signature on the bridge . Brilliant production.
    Happiness is a Warm Gun sophistication in popular music. The vocals flawless, words double entendres ,production as always flawless.
    It was very hard picking five tunes, it could have been twenty five easily as worthy of the five I chose. Out of a canon of something like 225 songs ,I would say 100 are so strong, and even their B sides were better than 90% of any other groups A sides. In closing “ Hey Jude “ in the perfect song, but I wanted to get a little out of the mainstream hits. Hence Happiness is a warm gun. Revolution was the other side of Hey Jude. Both we’re A sides. The list could go on forever.

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