Tool’s New Album is Titled ‘Fear Inoculum,’ Out August 30; Back Catalog (Finally) Hitting Streaming Platforms This Week

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Do you believe in magic? For more than a decade, metal fans have wondered if and when a new album from Tool would be on its way — and the answer is August 30.

On Monday afternoon, the historically mercurial and innovative band led by Maynard James Keenan announced a bit more details regarding the follow-up to 2006’s 10,000 Days.

Fear Inoculum will be released on August 30:

We already knew the album’s release date, but everything else — its title and any additional information — was a mystery. Now, we at least know the release date and title.

In recent weeks, the band also premiered some new material while out on the road, but of course with little to no context as to whether these new songs will be on the record. One was the 12-minute “Descending”:

While the other was the shorter, more condensed but still plenty intriguing “Invincible”:

In even more exciting news for Tool fans, the band’s back catalog will finally — and we can’t stress the word finally enough — hit digital streaming platforms this Friday, August 2:

For years, trying to listen to Tool was an archaic, frustrating endeavor, as their prior work was not up on Apple Music or Spotify. It meant you’d have to actually find a functional CD player or dust off some vinyl … or just turn on SiriusXM, where they’re played in abundance across a few rock/metal channels.

But still — everything showing up on Apple Music, Spotify and so on this week is momentous news, and was a long time coming.

Tool’s gearing up for some busy times, so stay tuned …

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