Enjoy Tony Iommi Shredding ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ on Guitar While Wearing a Black Sabbath Christmas Sweater

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When we last heard from legendary Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi, he was pictured at an airport in Nashville with his pal Robert Plant — just another day for Iommi, who capped off 2019 with a nice little video tribute to fans on Monday.

Wishing his legions of fans happy holidays, Iommi’s video features the 71-year-old playing the iconic guitar riff to “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,” and he just so happens to be wearing a Black Sabbath Christmas sweater, too.

Happy holidays to you as well, sir!

To further the Christmas-related Iommi content, here’s the late Ronnie James Dio on “God Rest You Merry Gentlemen,” featuring Tony, who also arranged the rendition:

In addition to the events that made up Iommi’s 2019, he was also nominated for a Grammy Award — the Best Metal Performance Grammy — for his guest spot with Candlemass, on the song “Astorolus — The Great Octopus,” which is precisely as epic as its name suggests.

Just another year in the books for Tony Iommi, one of the most gifted guitarists to ever pick up an axe.

Speaking of Iommi, In 2015, this seems an appropriate opportunity to bring up Steve Rosen’s 2015 Behind the Curtain entry on his exploits with Sabbath, focusing on an eventful afternoon in which, after an interview with Osbourne, Ozzy and Iommi returned to the hotel room and tore it to shreds — rattling Rosen, who appreciated the lesson in how to properly destroy a hotel room as only rock stars can do:

I left the next morning to return to my guesthouse in the Hollywood Hills. As I was checking out, I expected them to give me a bill for the carnage but there wasn’t one. I didn’t want to press my luck but had to ask. “Uh, my room was slightly messed up last night. I was wondering…” Before I could even finish the sentence, the very nice checkout lady said, “That has all been taken care of, Mr. Rosen. Mr. Osbourne has put that on his bill.”

Ozzy picked up the tab. It was the coolest thing I’d ever heard of. He had given me a front seat to take a look at his life for a couple days. I would eventually interview Ozzy and the rest of the band many, many times down the road. I interviewed Tony Iommi for Guitar Player and would eventually write a book on the band called The Story of Black Sabbath: Wheels of Confusion.


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