Timothy B. Schmit of Eagles Previews ‘Day By Day’ LP (Out May 6) with “Simple Man,” ft. Lindsey Buckingham

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On May 6, bassist/songwriter Timothy B. Schmit of Eagles fame will add to his solo career with Day By Day, a new studio album officially announced on Friday.

Schmit’s seventh solo album and first since 2016’s Leap of Faith, the record was previewed on Thursday by SiriusXM DJ Jim Ladd, who premiered its opening track, “Day By Day.” The lush tune features electric guitar leads from Lindsey Buckingham and vocal harmonies from famed Beach Boys alumni Chris Farmer and Matt Jardine.

Watch the song’s video:

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Ava Warbrick, who directed the video above, explained its concept in a statement:

“I wanted to create a contemplative mood. Like a meditation. Slow panning shots in a rotating motion to illustrate the passing of time. The three Timothy’s are evocative of the harmonized vocals. We shot the music video on 16mm Kodak film to give room and texture to the California landscape and to elicit a nostalgia. A slow burn for reflection. The video, shot in and around Timothy’s music studio, to me feels like an authentic document of the space and this moment in time.”

For this record, Schmit found time to record during breaks in Eagles’ recent touring schedule, getting to work at his home studio called Mooselodge, in a “rural pocket” of Los Angeles County.

In addition to Buckingham, Farmer and Jardine, the album also features guest appearances from Schmit’s colleagues and friends including Jackson Browne, John Fogerty, Benmont Tench, Jim Keltner, John McFee and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

“I still think of myself as a developing songwriter,” said Timothy B. Schmit of Day By Day. “When Jackson [Browne] came to the studio, we talked about how he wrote ‘These Days’ when he was 16 years old. It’s so impressive that a teenager could create something so insightful. That didn’t happen to me. I didn’t hit my stride as a songwriter during my younger years. I think I’m finally starting to get there now, and I’m in my 70s! It’s really nice. It makes me anxious to move forward and continue making music.”

And about his songwriting process:

“I try to latch on to whatever’s floating my way through the ethers. I just want to make good music and put a smile on people’s faces. I love the process and feel extremely lucky to be able to make new music as an older guy, and this is very satisfying.”

The album track listing:

Simple Man
The Next Rainbow
Mr. X
Question of the Heart
Something You Should Know
I Come Alive
Feather in the Wind
Grinding Stone
Taste Like Candy
Where We Belong

Stay tuned for more from Timothy B. Schmit and his new record.

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