Ticketmaster Settlement Means You *Might* Have Free Concert Ticket Vouchers

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This week has been an eventful one for concert ticketing juggernaut Ticketmaster. The much maligned ticket seller, which has in the past waged wars with bands like Pearl Jam, was forced via litigation to offer up some discount codes and real, actual free ticket vouchers to fans in response to a 13-year-old lawsuit about service fees.
Depending on how many tickets you purchased via Ticketmaster over the years, you – yes, you – could find some vouchers for pairs of General Admission seating waiting in your Account information on the TM website. Additionally, some small discount codes could also be there, if you’re lucky.
Of course, as you’ve probably heard by now this code and redemption process isn’t working out perfectly just yet. Users are flooding social media with issues about code success (or failure), and the list of shows accepting the vouchers keeps changing and doesn’t really offer a fantastic array of options (yet). And, it’s all geographically-based, so folks in Los Angeles have a smaller set of shows from which to choose than individuals from other states in less crowded markets.
This situation is one to monitor, however, since the ticket codes are working for many people and the list of applicable concerts is supposed to change as time rolls along. And, the codes are said to be valid for four years…so don’t lose hope!


  • Gregory pace says:

    I heard about the free concert vouchers but I have not checked my account yet. I have gone to a lot of concerts in the past 5 year’s and I have done a lot of meet and greets so I hope I have a few free vouchers in my account that I could use.

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