Buzz: Might Them Crooked Vultures (Josh Homme, John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl) Be Reforming for a New Record?

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The term “supergroup” is tossed around quite frequently among music circles, and it doesn’t always apply in its most definitive term — but with Them Crooked Vultures, it does.

In 2009, a trio comprised of Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age), John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters formed Them Crooked Vultures. On paper, it’s arguably one of the strongest and most applicable uses of the term “supergroup” that’s ever existed, given each band member’s pedigree and success over the years, not to mention reputation in the music scene.

The group’s self-titled debut album remains its only release to date, as each of the members tend to be quite busy with their “other jobs” as icons of rock and roll, but … might they be getting back together soon?

In a new chat with Rolling Stone, Homme revealed as much, noting that it’s more or less up to Grohl when this gets going again:

The ironic thing is that we all want to do another Vultures record and I think everyone has certain roles they play in the Vultures, and in all honesty, I feel like part of Dave’s role — since he got it together the first time by saying, “Hey, do you wanna try this?” — I feel like that’s part of in his job description in Vultures. I have my various things that I’m supposed to do I think, but that isn’t one of them. But I’m always ready to be in Them Crooked Vultures again. I don’t chase, you know?

In their element, Them Crooked Vultures was a visceral experience, the treat of seeing Grohl smash a drum kit — something he doesn’t do much with the Foo Fighters — alongside Led Zeppelin legend John Paul Jones and Homme commanding the stage with his typical flair … was next-level.

The sounds they made together were unique, driving and memorable, and there’s no doubt the trio would be able to get up to some more twisted, dark rock and roll magic once they get after it again.

So, Dave … whenever you’re ready!

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