The Zappa Band Announces First-Ever Headlining Tour for June 2022

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This June, members of The Zappa Band will gather for their first-ever headlining tour, a run of shows featuring an ensemble of musicians, most of them former members of Frank Zappa‘s legendary live bands.

The announcement comes after The Zappa Band opened a few shows for King Crimson last year.

As for the personnel involved: This is about as close to a ‘classic’ Zappa gig as could be put together at this point, so you won’t want to miss it.

Per a news release:

The Zappa Band’s lineup features Zappa alumni Ray White (lead vocals, guitar), Mike Keneally (guitar, keys, vocals), Scott Thunes (bassist) and Robert Martin (keyboards, sax, vocals), and ZPZ alums Jamie Kime (guitar) and ZAPPA archivist Joe “Vaultmeister” Travers (drums, vocals). Each musician played in the studio and on the road with Zappa during his career, while three of these alums played on ‘ZAPPA 88: The Last U.S. Show,’ one of the most recent offerings from Zappa Records & Universal Music. The Zappa alums are joined by Joe Travers and Jamie Kime, who are no strangers to FZ’s music, to round out the ensemble.

“A lot of amazing Frank Zappa music played with intensity, humor and love,” said Kenneally. “We’ll be enjoying the opportunity to play different material from night to night; we know that often people like to attend multiple shows, and our repertoire is presently large enough to be able to change things up. So, while we will be playing the songs we played last year opening for King Crimson, we won’t necessarily play them all every night, and we’ll be playing lots of other things besides.”

Here are the dates:

6/03 – The Ritz Theater – Escondido, CA
6/05 – Whisky a Go Go – Los Angeles, CA
6/12 – Center for the Arts – Homer, NY
6/14 – Race Street Live – Holyoake, MA
6/16 – Sony Hall – New York, NY
6/17 – Tarrytown Music Hall – Tarrytown, NY
6/18 – The Newtown Theatre – Newtown, NJ
6/19 – The Birchmere – Alexander, VA
6/21 – Ramshead Onstage – Annapolis, MD
6/22 – Ardmore Music Hall – Ardmore, PA
6/24 – Narrows Center for the Arts
6/25 – The Cabot Theatre – Beverly, MA
6/26 – The Flying Monkey – Plymouth, NH

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