Preview ‘The Who Sell Out’ Super Deluxe Set with ‘The Stereo Bonus Tracks’ EP

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We’re just three weeks away from the April 23 release of a Super Deluxe edition of The Who Sell Out, the English band’s classic 1967 concept record — and Friday saw the premiere of a three-song Stereo Bonus Tracks EP as a preview of the collection.

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Click here to pre-order The Who Sell Out Super Deluxe from our Rock Cellar Store

This digital EP features three previously unreleased versions of singles “I Can See For Miles,” “Magic Bus” and the outtake “Facts Of Life (AKA Birds & Bees).” Listen below, with tidbits about the tracks’ origin following each song:

The masterpiece that is ‘I Can See For Miles’ had a long gestation, 6he basic track was cut in London and further overdubs were applied in New York and, according to some unconfirmed reports, Nashville before being mixed and mastered in Los Angeles. This is the complete master (take number unknown) with Pete’s count-in and guitar doodling on the intro and outro.

When scouring The Who’s tape vault for this project, a backing track for ‘Facts Of Life’, a John Entwistle composition, was discovered. A home demo exists of the song with lyrics, but it appears to have only got this far when brought before The Who. Also recorded was an early run-through of ‘Deaf, Dumb And Blind Boy’ (later to become ‘Amazing Journey’ on Tommy). Unfortunately, all that remains is Pete demonstrating the opening section on piano.

Several attempts were made to record this Bo Diddley-flavored composition that Pete had written and demoed back in 1965. “Take 6” starts with Keith playing claves, Pete on electric guitar and John on bass before Keith crashes in on drums. Roger and Pete provide guide vocals. This version was close to how the band performed the song on stage at the time. Another talkback exchange between Kit and Keith re: Moon’s unsolicited vocal interjections closes out the performance.

The Super Deluxe set of the album will feature a wealth of material spread across 112 tracks, spanning 5 CDs and two 7″ singles. Among the treasure trove of material will be 14 previously unreleased Pete Townshend demos (out of 46 total unreleased tracks on the set).

Here are additional details about the Super Deluxe edition of The Who Sell Out, per a news release:

The new Super Deluxe Edition of The Who Sell Out features 112 tracks, 46 of which are unreleased, an 80-page, hard-back, full-color book, including rare period photos, memorabilia, track-by-track annotation and new sleeve notes by Pete Townshend with comments from the likes of Pete Drummond (Radio London DJ), Richard Evans (designer) & Roy Flynn (the Speakeasy Club manager).

The Super Deluxe package also includes nine posters & inserts, including replicas of 20” x 30” original Adrian George album poster, a gig poster from The City Hall, Newcastle, a Saville Theatre show 8-page program, a business card for the Bag o’ Nails club, Kingly Street, a Who fan club photo of group, a flyer for Bath Pavilion concerts including The Who, a crack-back bumper sticker for Wonderful Radio London, Keith Moon’s Speakeasy Club membership card and a Who Fan Club newsletter.

In advance of the Super Deluxe Edition’s release, the Classic Albums episode dedicated to The Who Sell Out will stream for free on April 22:

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