Out Now: ‘Live Drugs,’ Capturing the Breathtaking Live Experience of the War on Drugs in Concert (Listen/Buy)

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Philadelphia-based indie/rock/psychedelic band The War on Drugs has released four studio albums to date and earned a reputation for an unforgettable live show — and today, the band releases a live album titled, appropriately enough, Live Drugs, put out on band leader Adam Granduciel’s own label, Super High Quality Records.

The collection of live recordings spans the War on Drugs’ entire career, and was “culled from over 40 hard drives of recorded live shows spread out across years of touring behind multiple critically acclaimed records,” and, simply put, it’s a breathtaking listening experience.

the collection is structured to represent “how a typical 70-minute show would flow,” while also representing the band’s ability to structure songs differently for the live setting.

Said band leader Adam Granduciel of that, and of Live Drugs:

As a band leader, I always want to know where a song can go. Even though we’ve recorded it, mastered it, put it out, and been touring on it, it doesn’t mean that we just have to do it the same way forever.”

It feels like it’s kind of a reset, to be able to put something out that’s a really good interpretation of the way we interpret our music live,” he added. “Even though this recording is from a year of tours, this is really how these six guys evolved as a band from 2014 to 2019.

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The end result is a masterful live recording that captures the War on Drugs at its absolute best — and whether you’re already a dedicated fan or not, you might find yourself becoming one after listening to it. Take it all in below, via Spotify:

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