The Wallflowers: Stream “I’ll Let You Down (But Will Not Give You Up),” from ‘Exit Wounds’ LP Out 7/9

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Jakob Dylan and The Wallflowers have been sharing new music ahead of the band‘s new album, Exit Wounds, slated for release on July 9.

The latest song debuted from the album is “I’ll Let You Down (But Will Not Give You Up),” which was premiered on June 24. Listen below:

It joins previously shared singles “Who’s That Man Walking ‘Round My Garden”:

And “Roots and Wings,” the first tune shared from the record:

More about the album and its inspiration, per a news release:

True to its title, Exit Wounds is an ode to people — individual and collective — that have, to put it mildly, been through some stuff. Jakob Dylan says, “I think everybody — no matter what side of the aisle you’re on — wherever we’re going to next, we’re all taking a lot of exit wounds with us. Nobody is the same as they were four years ago. That, to me, is what Exit Wounds signifies. And it’s not meant to be negative at all. It just means that wherever you’re headed, even if it’s to a better place, you leave people and things behind, and you think about those people and those things and you carry them with you. Those are your exit wounds. And right now, we’re swimming in them.” Dylan continues, “I’m the same writer I’ve always been — I was just also writing during a time when the world felt like it was falling apart. That changes the way you address even the simplest things, because you have panic in your mind all the time. You have anxiety. And you also have hope. And it’s all in there.” 

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To further promote the album, the Wallflowers are set for a few TV appearances in the coming weeks, including CBS This Morning: Saturday on Saturday, July 10th, Good Morning America’s 2021 Summer Concert Series on Tuesday, July 13th and Good Morning America Weekend on Saturday, July 17th.

For this record, Dylan — the main creative spark behind the Wallflowers — teamed up with a new backing group of musicians, which he explained in a statement has always been the way things are done with this project:

“The Wallflowers have always been a vehicle for me to make great rock ‘n’ roll records. And sometimes the lineup that makes the record transfers over into touring, and sometimes it doesn’t. But my intention is always to make the Wallflowers record I want to make, using the musicians I have beside me.”

While Dylan hasn’t been especially active with the Wallflowers in recent years, he was a noteworthy participant in the 2018 documentary Echo in the Canyon, which he Executive Produced and starred in.

Click here to read our interview with the film’s director, Andrew Slater.

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