Out Now: The Struts Throw a Glam-Rock Party for These ‘Strange Days’ with New LP ft. Robbie Williams, Def Leppard, Tom Morello and More

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2020 has proven itself to be a series of Strange Days repeating one after another. It’s a weird time, to put it mildly, and the surreality of our current reality inspired English glam/rock/pop band The Struts to hole up in the home of producer Jon Levine — after each member received a negative COVID-19 test, of course — and record ten songs in ten days.

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The result is Strange Days, the group’s third album released on Friday. A raucous but thoughtful collection of louder-than-life anthems of resilience, the album works as a defiant middle finger to the harshness that this year has brought.

Take the album’s title track, a collaboration between the Struts and pal/English pop star Robbie Williams. Very much capturing the mood of the moment, the song is a soaring anthem with powerhouse vocals from Williams and Luke Spiller, who reaches Freddie Mercury levels with his shrieks:

Strange Days also sees the band teaming up with other A-list musicians, including Phil Collen and Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, who turn up on the rousing “I Hate How Much I Want You”:

Tom Morello, meanwhile, accompanies the lads on “Wild Child”:

While Albert Hammond Jr. of the Strokes lends his talents on the album’s lead single, “Another Hit of Showmanship”:

As if all the paying homage to their heroes wasn’t already enough of a throwback decision that makes Strange Days such an enjoyable listen, there’s even a cover of KISS‘ “Do You Love Me” thrown in for good measure:

So sit back and turn up the volume. The Struts have crafted one of the most raucous and rebellious rock albums of the year.

Stream it below, via Spotify:

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