The Stray Cats Preview New Live Album Out 9/11 with ‘Rock This Town’ (Listen/Pre-Order)

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On Sept. 11, The Stray Cats will release a new live album featuring recordings from their special 40th anniversary tour in 2019 — and Rocked This Town: From LA to London looks to be a must for fans of the famed rockabilly trio.

(Click here to pre-order Rocked This Town: From LA to London from our Rock Cellar Store). 

Rocked This Town: From LA to London was produced by the band’s Brian Setzer (guitars/vocals), Lee Rocker (bass) and Slim Jim Phantom (drummer) and was mixed by Vance Powell.

Here’s a preview of the record in the form of the Stray Cats’ anthem, “Rock This Town”:

And here’s an actual promo video for the album:

The live record features run-throughs of many of the Stray Cats’ iconic hits, as well as selections from the band’s 2019 album 40 — the group’s first new album in 26 years up to that point. Click here to purchase a copy of 40

Here’s the track listing for the live record:

1. Cat Fight (Over A Dog Like Me)
2. Runaway Boys
3. Too Hip, Gotta Go
4. Double Talkin’ Baby
5. Three Time’s A Charm
6. Stray Cat Strut
7. Mean Pickin’ Mama
8. Gene & Eddie
9. Cry Baby
10. I Won’t Stand In Your Way
11. Cannonball Rag
12. Misirlou
13. When Nothing’s Going Right
14. (She’s) Sexy + 17
15. Bring It Back Again
16. My One Desire **
17. Blast Off
18. Lust ’N’ Love
19. Fishnet Stockings
20. Rock This Town
21. Rock It Off

For more on the Stray Cats, click here to read our interview with Lee Rocker. Here’s a snippet regarding Rocker’s take on the band’s legacy:

Rock Cellar: If you had to boil down the band’s legacy to one song, what song would you choose and why?

Lee Rocker: It would have to be “Stray Cat Strut.” It’s original, it’s different, it’s a great song, the melody is great and all of the instruments speak plus it’s got a bass solo. (laughs)

All three of us have such prominence in it. That’s the other thing about the band, being a stripped down trio, there’s so much room for each of us to put a stamp down. I have been thinking a lot about The Stray Cats because it’s been a long time and we’re doing it now and I’m at a point in my life where I can have a little bit of a perspective on things.

I’m a forward-looking person, I’m always looking at the next thing and this is the next thing again and it’s super cool.

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