Out Now: 1960s LA Band Sons of Adam Anthology, ‘Sons: The Complete Recordings 1964-1966’

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The Sons of Adam was a garage rock band originally from Maryland but known throughout much of the 1960s as a “Sunset Strip” band in Los Angeles.

The group, fronted by guitarist/vocalist Randy Holden (who would later participate in Blue Cheer), was only officially together three years, the combination of dueling personalities and a shifting musical landscape caught up in midst of global Beatlemania.

Still, the Sons of Adam recorded quite a bit during their time together, and on July 29 an anthology was released capturing the essence of the group’s short-but-important recording output. Titled Saturday’s Sons: The Complete Recordings 1964-1966,  it’s the first official anthology of the band.

Per a news release:

Led by visionary guitarist Randy Holden (Blue Cheer, The Other Half) and featuring charismatic frontman Jac Ttanna (Genesis), bassist Mike Port, and drummer Michael Stuart-Ware (Love), The Sons of Adam were a lean, mean rock ‘n’ roll machine, lighting up the Sunset Strip alongside such groundbreaking icons as The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, The Doors, and The Mothers of Invention. Schooled in surf and emboldened by the British Invasion, the band earned a reputation as a fearsome live act, known for blowing fellow artists off the stage with their high-energy performance and voluble power. The quartet enjoyed a brief but incandescent three-year career, fueled by a fervent fan following who flocked to such world-famous Hollywood haunts as the Whisky A Go Go, Bido Lito’s, and Gazarri’s to thrill to their explosive sounds and passionate intensity.

“The guitar for me was a total, full-blast, full-on love affair,” says Randy Holden. “The louder and clearer that baby was, the more beautiful it was. Hitting that guitar string on a voluminous amp was just heaven, and people felt it.”

“It was the best time of my life,” says Jac Ttanna. “We were onstage with The Rolling Stones, we did everything. We were at the right place at the right time, more than anybody has a right to hope for.”

And the track listing:

Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (Live At The Avalon Ballroom)
Mr. Sun (Live At The Avalon Ballroom)
The Long Road (Live At The Avalon Ballroom)
Evil Hearted You (Live At The Avalon Ballroom)
It Won’t Be Long (Live At The Avalon Ballroom)
Saturday’s Son (Live At The Avalon Ballroom)
Go Away (Live At The Avalon Ballroom)
Gloria (Live At The Avalon Ballroom)
Take My Hand
Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day
I Told You Once Before
You Make Me Feel Good
Without Love
You’re A Better Man Than I
Saturday’s Son
Feathered Fish
Baby Show The World
Mar Gaya (The Fender IV)
You Better Tell Me Now (The Fender IV)
Malibu Run (The Fender IV)
Everybody Up (The Fender IV)
Lonely Surf Guitar (The Fender IV)
Highway Surfer (The Fender IV)
Little Oly (The Fender IV)

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