The Offspring Busts Out a Horn Section to Lament that ‘We Never Have Sex Anymore’ (Listen)

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Orange County alt/punk veterans The Offspring are pretty much known for two things — high-energy punk anthems with singalong choruses and lighter fare that can dabble in other genres and styles (see “Why Don’t You Get A Job?,” “Original Prankster” and several other of the band’s hits).

A new Offspring album titled Let The Bad Times Roll is coming on April 16, and on Friday the band debuted a new track as a preview. “We Never Have Sex Anymore” adds some horns to the mix courtesy of guest musicians Phil Jordan, Jason Powell, and Eric Marbauch (and drummer Josh Freese), and the track boasts a memorable hook and a whimsical spirit (and, at times, an amusing “Weird Al” Yankovic-type energy), not to mention Dexter Holland’s impassioned lyrical pleas:

We never have emotional strife
You never even threaten my life, like you did so long ago
But I’m just doing me, so I guess am not complaining
And you let me drive your car, when you’re not home


The album is up for pre-order:

Click here to pre-order Let The Bad Times Roll on CD from our Rock Cellar Store
Click here to pre-order Let The Bad Times Roll on LP from our Rock Cellar Store

The song stands in stark contrast to the album’s title track and lead single, for which a music video was premiered last week. While “Let The Bad Times Roll” has the signature Offspring radio single vibe, its theme is one of political commentary stemming from … well, the political climate in the United States (and especially the circumstances surrounding the Jan. 6 events at the U.S. Capitol building).

“I feel like we’re in a unique period in history where instead of our world leaders saying ‘we’re doing our best’ it’s more like they’re saying ‘fuck it’ and its really scary,” said lead singer Dexter Holland of the song, which was written in 2019 and recorded in 2020.

Let The Bad Times Roll was produced by Bob Rock and features Dexter Holland (lead vocals/guitars), Noodles (lead guitar), Pete Parada (drums) and Todd Morse (bass).

In a statement, the Offspring referred to the album as “the most cathartic thing we’ve done. The messages might be dark, but at the end what’s left is that communication is important, working through feelings is important and most of all, hope is important.”

The track listing:

1. This Is Not Utopia
2. Let The Bad Times Roll
3. Behind Your Walls
4. Army of One
5. Breaking These Bones
6. Coming For You
7. We Never Have Sex Anymore
8. In The Hall of the Mountain King
9. The Opioid Diaries
10. Hassan Chop
11. Gone Away
12. Lullaby

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