The Offspring Drummer Pete Parada Leaves Band, Cites His Unvaccinated Status as Reasoning Behind Split

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In a post on Instagram on Tuesday, drummer Pete Parada of Southern California punk veterans The Offspring revealed that he will not be accompanying the band on its upcoming tour dates, attributing his decision not to get the COVID-19 vaccine as the reasoning behind the split.

 “Given my personal medical history and the side-effect profile of these jabs, my doctor has advised me not to get a shot at this time,” Parada, who joined the Offspring in 2007, wrote in his post. “Since I am unable to comply with what is increasingly becoming an industry mandate — it has been decided that I am unsafe to be around, in the studio, and on tour. I mention this because you won’t be seeing me at these upcoming shows.”

Parada explained, “I caught the virus over a year ago, it was mild for me — so I am confident I’d be able to handle it again, but I’m not certain I’d survive another post-vaccination round of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which dates back to my childhood and has evolved to be progressively worse over my lifetime.”


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The Offspring have a number of upcoming tour dates lined up, which seems to be what facilitated Parada’s departure at this point in time.

Pitchfork noted the correlation between the vaccine and Guillain-Barré Syndrome as follows: The New York Times notes, last month, the Food and Drug Administration said that Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine may be associated with a small increased risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome. There is not, however, currently evidence to suggest a link between the condition and the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

Parada did note in his Instagram post that, “I have no negative feelings towards my band. They’re doing what they feel is best for them, while I am doing the same. Wishing the entire Offspring family all the best as they get back at it!”

The Offspring recently released a new album, Let The Bad Times Roll, in April. Front man Dexter Holland spoke with Rock Cellar about the record and the times in which we live today — and even discussed the vaccination efforts underway across the world:

Rock Cellar: Your Wikipedia page refers to you as a ‘virologist,’ and you completed a paper on HIV. Does all of this background give you a special perspective regarding the pandemic and the COVID-19 virus and what the public perception of it has been?

Dexter Holland: On a nuts-and-bolts molecular level, sure. But we have all this expertise, all these opinions, and still at the end of the day, no one knows, right? What it really comes down to, I think, is that it’s an arms race. The vaccine versus the variants, and we’re gonna have to get on top of it in order to defeat it. And I think we’re headed in the right direction. It’s gonna get there, but it’s hard to tell. But we’re doing millions of doses every week, so. We’ll get there.

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