The Immediate Family (Danny Kortchmar/Waddy Wachtel/Leland Sklar/Russ Kunkel/Steve Postell) Updates Don Henley’s ‘New York Minute’ with New Video

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The Immediate Family, a venerable who’s-who of music industry legends involving Danny Kortchmar (guitar and vocals), Waddy Wachtel (guitar and vocals), Leland Sklar (bass), Russ Kunkel (drums) and Steve Postell (guitar and vocals), shared a new music video for an updated version of Don Henley‘s 1990 single “New York Minute.”

The song, from Henley’s 1989 album The End of the Innocence, was co-written by Kortchmar and wound up a No. 5 hit on the U.S. Adult Contemporary chart for Henley a year after the album’s release. The new video shared on Thursday features the Immediate Family players performing their respective parts from home, the whole clip edited together to present them as a group while scenes of New York City — both in its classic form and in the surreal, empty-streets version we’ve seen throughout 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“New York Minute” is featured on the Immediate Family’s new EP, Slippin’ and Slidin, which was released recently.

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Said Danny Kortchmar about the different inspirations behind the original song and this new, relevant video treatment:

“When we set out to write this song years ago, Don Henley wanted a song that captured New York in the fall. I came up with the changes for the verse and chorus on keyboard, then we brought Jai Winding in to help with the bridge, and Don wrote the great lyric. The Immediate Family’s version is very different, since we translated it into a guitar treatment and made it into a rock & roll ballad. We recorded this version playing our parts individually due to the virus preventing us getting together, with Steve doing the lead vocal and Russ playing his ‘box kit.’ We’ve been playing together so long that we’re able to be tight even if we’re not in the same room! Hope you dig it as much as we dug making it!”

Steve Postell, who sings on the track, had this to offer:

“Being in this band offers MANY highlights for me, but none greater than the opportunity to sing this phenomenal song, co-written by Don Henley and our own Danny ‘Kootch’ Kortchmar. Long before I met Danny and the rest of our gang, I was not just a fan of ‘New York Minute’ but saw it as a near-perfect example of the potential scope of popular music, with a brilliant vocal, stunning melody, powerful expressive production, gorgeous chord changes, and a poignant, evocative lyric. I was born at New York Hospital on East 66th Street in Manhattan and spent many of my formative years living in the City. Danny told me they were trying to paint a tonal and lyrical picture of what New York City really feels like, and in every way, I believe they succeeded. Every time I sing this song I am transported back to my hometown, and getting to personalize the experience over the driving, rocking interpretation from our band is every singer’s dream. We asked our talented video director, Michael Perlmutter, to paint the song against the backdrop of NYC, and he did a stellar job. Enjoy the video, and this amazing song, performed The Immediate Family way.”

For some additional background on the Immediate Family, the rock and roll resume of the group is eye-popping:

The band is the evolution of a lifetime of friendship of playing music together: it began in the 1970s as a collective of studio and live musicians known as “The Section,” best known for both their work in support of some of the top selling singer/songwriters and solo singers in the history of music, as well as their own acclaimed instrumental albums. Collectively, Kortchmar, Sklar, Kunkel and Waddy Wachtel are four of the most recorded, respected & sought-after musicians in modern music and helped define the sound of a generation by supporting many of the most iconic artists of the last five decades, including James Taylor, Carole King, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, Keith Richards, Neil Young, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Don Henley, Phil Collins, Bonnie Raitt, Warren Zevon, Stevie Nicks, Bryan Ferry, Lyle Lovett and Jimmy Buffett – as well as producers Lou Adler and Peter Asher.

With the addition of touring/session guitarist/songwriter/producer Steve Postell (who joined in 2018), the quintet of seasoned music industry veterans has been working on an as-yet untitled studio album that, when released, will be the group’s first U.S. release after the record Honey, Don’t Leave L.A., which was released in Japan.

In addition to the new musical activity, the Immediate Family will also be the focus of a new documentary film from Denny Tedesco as the follow-up to Tedesco’s acclaimed documentary on The Wrecking Crew.

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