Northern California ‘Surf Grunge’ Band The Happys Show Depth with New Video for ‘Cut the Rope’

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Performing in front of your probation officer isn’t exactly an ideal beginning, but the experience gave vocalist Nick Petty and his surf/grunge band The Happys the kicked start they needed. Now the band is showing how light can still be found in the dark with their new music video for “Cut The Rope.”

The video, shot by Will Rushton Films, portrays the darkness of living with anxiety. The video uses light to emphasize this theme: In some shots the band is jamming out in the sun, but cuts to the band playing in a dimly-lit room reflecting back to the song’s message, among other editing tricks.

In a press release, Petty speaks to the meaning of their latest track, “The song examines elements in people’s lives that hold them back emotionally. Cut the Rope to us is like ripping a band aid off. It could be regarding a drug problem, bad work situation, toxic relationship or anything that you need to just get over and cut out of your life. If something is continuously holding you back/down, then maybe this song is about that.”

The Happys’ latest EP, Bipolar, explores the obstacles that come along with mental illness. Each track tackles different topics, opener “Birdy” focuses on depression, “Cut the Rope” is about living with anxiety and the last two, “Bipolar” and “Manic” speak for themselves. Petty credits music for giving him an outlet that helps him move past his own obstacles from addiction and mental health illnesses.

The Happys, based in the Northern California Bay Area, unveiled a new lineup in 2018, featuring Petty, Alex Sanchez on lead guitar and vocals, Brett Brazil on bass and vocals and Ryan Donahue on drums.

Drawing influences form 1990’s alternative/rock bands, The Happys draw further inspiration from a variety of artists/bands including Nirvana, Metallica, Tupac and Frank Sinatra. The band was able to build a strong fan base by never turning down a gig, leading them to touring with ska band The Mad Caddies and surf rock/punk band Agent Orange.

Additionally the band played the main stage at San Francisco’s Haight Street Fair and will be performing at RockSoberFest May 31.

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