Watch The Go-Go’s Team Up Remotely to Play Their Powerful New Single ‘Club Zero’

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The Go-Go’s, famously the first all-female band to have a No. 1 record in the United States with 1981’s Beauty and the Beat, recently returned in grand fashion with “Club Zero,” the Los Angeles-based new wave/punk band‘s first new song in 20 years.

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A loud, proud anthem of empowerment and resilience, the track very much emphasized the point that Belinda Carlisle (vocals), Jane Wiedlin (guitar), Charlotte Caffey (guitar), Kathy Valentine (bass) and Gina Schock (drums) still had something to say — and they delivered on that promise. Here’s the tune:

Earlier this week, the Go-Go’s convened — while remaining physical distance, of course — to perform the song for The 19th Represents: 2020 Virtual Summit, a week-long event working to “elevate the voices of women who are reshaping the American story and commemorate the centennial of its namesake 19th Amendment.”

Here’s the band’s performance of the song:

This month, Rock Cellar’s Jeff Slate interviewed most of the Go-Go’s for a extensive new feature conversation about the new song, the band’s comeback and the new Go-Go’s Showtime documentary from filmmaker Allison Elwood.

Regarding “Club Zero” and what drew the band to the song, guitarist Jane Wiedlin had this to say:

“But I was so in love with ‘Club Zero,’ and the whole idea behind it, and we didn’t really have anything else like it. I really campaigned for it, because the record company, the management, the filmmakers, and even to a certain extent the band, were like, ‘We don’t get it. What is ‘Club Zero?’ And for me, it all came down to the line, ‘zero fucks given.’ And there was a lot of debate about removing that line, and I remember saying, ‘This is the heart of the song. It must remain!’ Because it actually is. I explained that, and everyone got it. And then everyone was on board.”

And guitarist Charlotte Caffey:

“Jane showed me some lyrics. I just happened to have some music I had written a few months before with my sister-in-law Anna Waronker (of that dog.) that fit Jane’s lyrics perfectly. Then Kathy, Jane and I rewrote the lyrics six times before we felt like we had it. When you see us in the documentary working on the song-that is the first time we ever played it.”

Click here to read the full Go-Go’s feature, and here to watch the Showtime documentary.

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