Out Now: The Darkness as Revved-Up and Glammed-Out As Ever with Extravagant New Album ‘Motorheart’ (Listen)

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The press release said it all: Motorheart, the new album from jubilant English glam-rock outfit The Darkness, is “a record of immeasurable rock and roll extravagance.”

Released today, Nov. 19, it’s the seventh full-length from the boisterous rockers to date, and comes as we’re just two years shy of the 20th anniversary of Permission to Land, the explosive 2003 album that announced the group’s arrival.

Lest you think the falsetto-voiced Justin Hawkins and his band mates have lost any of their edge over the years, they haven’t. In fact, Motorheart at times calls to some of the most ridiculous, classic rock-adoring elements of Permission to Land, making this one of the group’s strongest releases in a while.

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Here’s “It’s Love, Jim,” the album’s second track and one of its pre-release singles, with steamroller guitar riffs, pummeling energy and those otherworldly howls from Hawkins steering the ship:

Oh, and did we mention that Motorheart is, as an album concept, an “homage to a devoted sex robot”? That’s the official word, which explains these lyrics from “It’s Love, Jim”:

I stared into her еyes, they werе as black as onyx
The Earth was moving, her very touch inspired tectonics
I feel compelled to meld her (if she’ll have me)
She knows I love her, telepathic

The title track continues the madcap intensity (and commitment to the bit):

She never tries to make me
Into one of her minions
The touch of a button
A steely caress
You need a Phillips screwdriver
To get her undressed

It continues like this for the rest of the album, and it’s all one of the wildest rides you’ll hear this year. The AC/DC-by-way-of-Thin-Lizzy guitar riffage is undying, the reverent adoration of classic rock on full display, endlessly.

Kudos to the Darkness for keeping the creative fires burning all these years. The world is a vastly different place this year (for better and worse, but mostly worse) than it was when the band emerged with “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” but these lads continue to find ways to entertain.

The Darkness is frontman/guitarist Justin Hawkins, guitarist/producer Dan Hawkins, bassist Frankie Poullain and drummer Rufus Taylor.

Get yourself some entertainment by streaming Motorheart below.

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