Watch High-Quality Videos from the Cure’s ‘Disintegration’ 30th Anniversary Show at the Sydney Opera House

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame act The Cure is alive and thriving at the moment — as the Pasadena Daydream Festival attested back in August.

On May 30, 2019, Robert Smith and the revered English band played a special 30th anniversary show in honor of 1989’s Disintegration, staged at the legendary Sydney Opera House in Australia. It was filmed, and three performances of classic songs from that record were put online this week in ‘Director’s Cut’ format from filmmaker Nick Wickham.

Pitchfork notes that Smith said a full release of the performance video “can’t be too far away,” though that’s as far as we get in terms of concrete information at this point.

Disintegration, the eighth studio albumfrom the Cure was originally released on May 2, 1989, and helped the band reclaim its darker, moodier roots after a string of successful pop-oriented songs and records.

Held up by songs like “Pictures Of You,” “Lovesong,” “Fascination Street” and the epic title track, Disintegration has gone on to be widely considered one of the most important albums ever made, and definitely a high-water mark in the Cure’s near-mythical status in music.

Stream the album below, via Spotify:

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