The Boomtown Rats Releasing ‘Citizens of Boomtown,’ First New Album in 36 Years, in 2020

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Legendary Irish rock/punk band The Boomtown Rats are in for a big 2020 — as this week, the iconic group fronted by Bob Geldof revamped its social media presence leading up to the big reveal.

On March 13, Citizens of Boomtown, the first new Boomtown Rats album since 1984’s In the Long Grass, will be released via BMG. The news of the new activity came with some fanciful words from the band:

The rats woke in a tin shack on the low-rent edge of Boomtown this morning to the sound of something being shoved under the door. A letter… from The Management.

Apparently, they’re to dust the cobwebs from their noise makers, slap their leather trousers on, stuff a shirt ‘n’ boots in a bag and get themselves ready for something called “rehearsals” at an abandoned shed in the rurals of Surrey, soon after Christmas.

Words on the winds say they’re doing a tour and some festivals in the coming year, so Management think it’d be a good idea to remind themselves of the songs. They might even be playing a couple they haven’t flogged to death already, which will be nice.

The Boomtown Rats 🐀

Notice that line regarding “They’re doing a tour and some festivals in the coming year,” which is definitely intriguing indeed …

There are a number of album pre-orders up at the official Boomtown Rats online store, including a special new lyric/photo book from Geldof. Here’s the track listing:

1. “Trash Glam, Baby”
2. “Sweet Thing”
3. “Monster Monkeys”
4. “She Said No”
5. “Passing Through”
6.  “Here’s A Postcard”
7. “K.I.S.S.”
8. “Rock and Roll Yé Yé”
9. “Get A Grip”
10. “The Boomtown Rats”

The Boomtown Rats reformed in 2013 after nearly three decades apart, but this marks the first bit of “actual” activity as far as new music and official touring is concerned.

The current lineup includes founding members Geldof and Garry Roberts (lead guitar), alongside Pete Briquette (bass/keyboards) and Simon Crowe (drums).

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