Deluxe Edition of the Beatles’ Classic ‘Revolver’ in the Works, Per Reports

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The robust Beatles vaults have released many elaborate, remastered and expanded editions of various albums throughout the groundbreaking band’s catalog — but not, as of yet, 1966’s Revolver.

That is on track to end relatively soon, pre reports. According to Variety, Apple Corps and Universal Music plan to revisit the album this fall, complete with a remix from Giles Martin (similar in scope to previous box set/reissues of The White Album, Let It Be and more.

Per Variety, a planned Revolver revisiting will be major news for Beatles fans, particularly due to previous speculation that such a reissue might be difficult:

Some Beatlemaniacs had been skeptical, however, that Apple would be able to produce remixes of the pre-“Sgt. Pepper” albums that match what Martin had already done with the latter part of the band’s catalog. This was due to the fact that the albums through 1966 were recorded to more basic four-track masters, where multiple instruments or vocals were often squeezed into a single track. At a time when mono was still considered the standard, the stereo mixes prior to “Pepper” often sound bizarre to the modern ear, with key elements relegated entirely to the left or right side results, which is why many Beatles fans relish finally getting a more holistic mix of “Revolver” and the albums that preceded it (although, as always, there will be conscientious objectors among the fandom).

As of yet, there is little information available beyond this report that the reissue is coming soon. Stay tuned for more!


  • Ira Cord Rubnitz says:

    In Pro Tools, one get get Clips/Regions grabbed from the mix IF they are isolated even briefly!
    I am doing an Atmos mix as John would’ve Loved (Tibetan!).
    A Great Alt to what Giles and Sam will do…

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