Preview The 1975’s New Album with the Intriguing, Vulnerable ‘Frail State of Mind’

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I’m sorry ’bout my frail state of mind, sings Matty Healy, front man of The 1975, on the band’s new single, “Frail State of Mind,” which premiered on Thursday.

It’s a preview of the monumentally successful rock/pop/indie outfit‘s new album, Notes On a Conditional Form, which will be released on February 21, 2020. The melancholy song, with its vulnerable lyrics and wispy, shimmery production flourishes, is a delight:

The lyrics reflect some pretty personal themes, too:

Oh what’s the vibe?
I wouldn’t know I am normally in bed at this time
You guys go do your thing and I’ll just leave at 9
Don’t wanna bore you with my frail state of mind
‘Oh winner winner!! That’s your biggest lie!’
I’m sure that you’re ‘fine’
I haven’t told a lie in quite some time
‘You know we’ll leave, if you keep lying.
Don’t lie behind your frail state of mind’

Speaking with the NME, Healy revealed that the song is inspired in part by “anxiety,” and that it “speaks very realistically to our modern condition.”

To say The 1975 is a band of contrasts is putting it mildly. For emphasis, now listen to the song “People,” which the group premiered in late August:

These are two songs on the same album — and both help illustrate the variety of sounds and styles that the band is eager to explore in the never-ending quest for musical expression.

The 1975 also previewed the new record with a track called, simply, “The 1975,” a spoken-word introduction from activist Greta Thunberg regarding climate change and civil disobedience:

Stuff like this is a big reason why the 1975 is one of the most intriguing bands in the world at the moment.

Having released three albums to date to mostly worldwide acclaim, amassing a huge audience of dedicated fans, taking risks seems to be what the group is all about — and it works very well.

Pushing the envelope of what folks “expect” is the mark of a band fully in its element, and the 1975 is clearly there right now. There’s no doubt, based on these two eclectic offerings so far, that Notes On a Conditional Form will be a huge record once it’s released.

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