Tenacious D Tackles the ‘Rock Horror’ Classic ‘Time Warp’ with a Bunch of Friends as a ‘Rock-y The Vote’ Campaign

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With Halloween coming up later this week and the Nov. 3 General Election lurking a few days later, it’s the perfect time for a little thoughtful Rocky Horror Picture Show-inspired musical magic — and that’s exactly what Tenacious D has unleashed in its latest bit of inspired madness from Jack Black and Kyle Gass.

This time, the dynamic musical/comedy duo came flanked with a host of special guest friends, all of whom combine forces for a lively cover of “Time Warp,” the frantic anthem from the original Rocky Horror. It’s all part of the D’s “Rock-y The Vote” campaign geared around raising awareness about the importance of this year’s election.

Watch the video below, and keep an eye out for cameos from Senator Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Susan Sarandon, Sarah Silverman, John Waters, Jamie Lee Curtis, Karen O, Reggie Watts, Ezra Miller, Ilana Glazer, Phoebe Bridgers, John Heilemann, George Takei, Eric Andre, King Princess, Michael Peña, and Peaches.

Per a news release, in non-COVID-19 pandemic circumstances, Tenacious D had plans for a special tour of swing states across the United States this fall:

Called “The Purple Nurple Tour – Twisting Hard to the LEFT,” in honor of the band’s own inclinations towards progressive politics and a Blue agenda, the run was sadly cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic in the U.S. Still — JB and KG knew that with great rock comes great responsibility, and were determined to find a way to help get the vote out this fall.  

Instead of that, we get this madcap music video, all in the hopes of inspiring any last-second stragglers to the polls next week.

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