Watch Tenacious D’s Zany Video for a Beatles Medley, “You Never Give Me Your Money/The End,” for Doctors Without Borders

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For a few years, Tenacious D — the world’s most infamous rock and roll two-piece, led by Jack Black and Kyle Gass — have busted out a Beatles medley at live gigs, and now the pair has debuted recorded versions of the Abbey Road classics “You Never Give Me Your Money/The End.”

As officially shared on Thursday, the new recordings are a benefit for Doctors Without Borders, with proceeds from a limited edition 7″ vinyl of the tracks going to the organization.

Said Tenacious D in a statement, delivered in the third person of course:

Tenacious D are paying tribute to the greatest band in the world…not themselves…The Beatles!!! In the spirit of healing the world….please enjoy tenacious d’s mashup of two classics from Abbey Road. All vinyl proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.”

The medley is unlike any Beatles cover you’ve heard, naturally, with Black vocalizing many of the instrumental parts of “The End” with just his mouth — and the video … well, just watch:

And here’s a live concert clip of The D performing it from back in 2015:

The limited edition 7″ vinyl single is available at the D’s official site, while supplies last.

This is the most recent high profile charity cover from Tenacious D, following a fundraising effort for voting awareness back in late October, ahead of the General Election in early November. For that one, they pulled out all the stops for an all-star cover of “Time Warp,” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

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