Ted Nugent Reveals He Tested Positive for COVID-19 After Having ‘Flu-Like Symptoms’ for Ten Days – “I Thought I Was Dying”

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In a message shared to his Facebook page on Monday afternoon, outspoken rock legend Ted Nugent revealed that he has officially tested positive for COVID-19, after experiencing “flu-like symptoms for the last ten days.”

In the nearly nine-minute video filmed at his ranch, “The Nuge” makes note that “everybody told me that I shouldn’t announce this,” before divulging the information regarding his diagnosis, adding of his experience that, “I just, I thought I was dying. Just a clusterfuck.”

This is noteworthy, of course, not only because a significant figure in the history of rock and roll music has come down with the virus, but because Nugent, especially, is notorious for sharing his opinions on issues — and, among the many sound bytes he’s provided during the last year-plus of a global pandemic, he said this in a Dec. 25 Facebook video (per UCR):

“We don’t earmark a safety net during a scamming pandemic. It’s not a real pandemic, and that’s not a real vaccine. I’m sorry. I ain’t taking no vaccine. You come at me with a needle, and I will be in fear of my life, and you know what I’ll do if you come at me with a needle. ‘Hi, I’m from the government. This needle is good for you.’ Fuck you!”

Best wishes to Ted Nugent on his recovery from the virus!


  • Mick Orton says:

    I understand Ted’s skepticism of the vaccine. But I also had Covid when we came back from China at the end of 2019 (before the Pandemic was announced), and I was sick almost an entire month with cold and flu like symptoms which started the last week of our China trip. I also thought I could be dying and was convinced that if this is what 70 is going to be like, take me now! So guess what? I’ve gotten my second Moderna shot just to be sure I do not get it again!

  • Mark Davis says:

    “It’s not a real pandemic, and that’s not a real vaccine. I’m sorry. I ain’t taking no vaccine.”

    Since you contracted Covid, I’d say it IS a real pandemic. The vaccine is also real.

    Ted, I hope that you recover quickly and completely. And that you change your message about it.

  • Tina Wilkes says:

    He deserves it!

  • Yojimbo says:

    As a former fan of Ted back in the 70’s when he still mattered… compared to the classless, self centered blow hard he is now… wait I guess he hasn’t changed that much. Turns out his Covid denial was dead wrong, but that won’t cause him to reevaluate or stop him from continuing to promote lies about a stolen election. Actions have consequences and when your actions or words offend or hurt people, it’s the power of the free market to reject you and/or the products you promote. Sad! Not sad!

  • David Maceira says:

    Kind of hard to have sympathy for him really.

    In December, Nugent said that he would refuse to be vaccinated against the new coronavirus and he railed against pharmaceutical companies and their development of the vaccine. Four months earlier, he repeated a narrative pushed by conservative media and disputed by health experts that suggested the official death count from the coronavirus was inflated.

    Nugent has repeatedly expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of face masks during the pandemic and has mocked those who wear them, despite that both the CDC and World Health Organization have urged their universal use.

    Same guy thinks t-Rump was the greatest president in our lifetime…so there’s that.

  • Niki says:

    Well he lived didn’t he, David Maceira? His immune system will be stronger because of it, and he didn’t put an experimental crap filled syringe of so called Medicine in his body that isn’t even approved by the FDA. MAGA!!!!

  • Tom says:

    He survived and now has antibodies so fuck you.

  • Bill says:

    Hell of a guitar player, but…..

  • tom says:

    The fact that there are still educated people out there who believe that Covid is some fiction made up by evil liberals and that Democrats and Hollywood celebrities are drinking the blood of tortured children who are subsequently sold into the sex-slave trade and thast the more than 5 million Americans who died from Covid didn’t really die, and that the vaccines are bullshit — is pathetic, naive and stunningly ignorant. Where did the conspiracy theorists come from? Better education is a must, as the country enters what appears to be a long cultural decline, and becomes just another empire whose time has come and gone.

  • Ray says:

    There’s not much more that I can say about Ted that wasn’t already said, or that we don’t already know other than “suck on my machine gun.”, Ted and ………..

    F U C K Y O U F O R E V E R

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