Listen to Ted Nugent’s “Come and Take It,” Rocker’s New ‘All-American Defiant Battle Hymn’

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You know how you can immediately tell what a song is about by its title alone? “Come And Take It” is a new song from guitar hero/outspoken rocker Ted Nugent that was premiered on Friday with a lyric video heavy on American flags, snarling guitar riffs and lyrics like these:

Don’t you even try it, don’t you tread on me
You can do or die it in the land of the free
Come and take it
Come and take it
No more kings, no tyrants, no more jackboot thugs
We will unleash violence for the freedom that we love

Said “The Nuge” about the song in a statement:

“Being the all-time gonzo progenitor of love songs that I am, it is only fitting that I unleash the All-American defiant battle hymn from we the people to punks who dare tread on us. Do you feel the love! Come and take it at your own risk.”

The song is part of a new Ted Nugent album called Detroit Muscle, which is in the works. This activity comes after Nugent announced (and recovered from) a positive COVID-19 diagnosis back in April.

The album’s track listing:

1. Detroit Muscle
2. Come And Take It
3. Born In The Motor City
4. American Campfire
5. Drivin’ Blind
6. Just Leave Me Alone
7. Alaska
8. Winterspring Summerfall
9. Leave The Lights On
10. Feedback Grindfire
11. Starspangled Banner

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