Listen: Ted Nugent Previews New Album ‘Detroit Muscle’ with “American Campfire”

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Fair warning: One listen to “American Campfire” by Ted Nugent and you’ll have a tough time getting it out of your head. The track’s titular phrase is repeated quite a bit in the song, a two and a half-minute blast of rock and roll from the notoriously outspoken guitarist that serves as a preview of his new record Detroit Muscle.

Here’s the song’s video, which depicts an American flag rippling in the wind, meat being grilled on the barbecue and other imagery paired with the song’s lyrics:

“Family campfires have always soothed the soul and brought people closer together,” said “The Nuge” regarding the track. “America needs our Spirit Campfire now more than ever. Fan the flames!”

Detroit Muscle will be released on April 29, and was previously previewed with a customarily confrontational song titled “Come and Take It,” which featured these lyrics:

Don’t you even try it, don’t you tread on me
You can do or die it in the land of the free
Come and take it
Come and take it
No more kings, no tyrants, no more jackboot thugs
We will unleash violence for the freedom that we love

The track listing for Detroit Muscle from Ted Nugent:

1. Detroit Muscle
2. Come And Take It
3. Born In The Motor City
4. American Campfire
5. Drivin’ Blind
6. Just Leave Me Alone
7. Alaska
8. Winterspring Summerfall
9. Leave The Lights On
10. Feedback Grindfire
11. Starspangled Banner

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