Tears for Fears Shares “Long, Long, Long Time” Video from ‘The Tipping Point’; Happy Birthday Roland Orzabal!

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Celebrated English synth-pop duo Tears for Fears returned on Feb. 25 with The Tipping Point, their first record together since 2004.

The record was met with universal acclaim, debuting at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart, with Billboard noting it is the best sales week experienced by Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal since 1991.

Today, Aug. 22, happens to be Orzabal’s 62nd birthday, so here’s a celebratory toast!

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Additionally, Tears for Fears recently debuted a music video for “Long, Long, Long Time,” one of the standout songs on The Tipping Point:

Listening to the album, it’s very apparent the spark behind Tears for Fears’ creative process is still there.

Speaking to that, Curt Smith had this to say to Rock Cellar’s George A. Paul in our feature interview:

“I think it’s still having something to say. That was the biggest struggle about doing sessions with other people. One, they didn’t know us and two, we were struggling to find out what it was we were trying to say. Until we discovered that, it was one of those endless hamster wheels that you were going in and it was really for the sake of doing it.

“We felt at that point in time we were making an album because we should. Eventually we made an album because we wanted to.”

Smith also recalled how the process by which he and Orzabal completed this album was the most gratifying for them as it’s been since the early 1980s:

“Without question, yeah. There’s certainly a gratification or an appreciation when you finish an album. Normally when we finish records, a lot of times I don’t listen to them that much afterwards. They’re done. Albums can sometimes not be a pleasurable experience because of the battles you go through to get the album the way you want it. That’s down to internal and external battles.

“But in the end, when we did this album, it was very much the two of us who sat down and decided what we wanted to do in 2020 after we’d done all these writing sessions. It was the two of us, without any management or record company. We made this album and we delivered it to a management company and the record company. We went to find a partner to release it with after that. In that sense, it’s the most ‘us’ album ever because there was no outside influence. Basically none.”

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