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Rock Cellar Magazine
December 22, 2020
The White Stripes Have a New, 90-Minute Yule Log Video Pairing Their Music with Some Wild Imagery

YouTube has its issues, but one of the reliable benefits of the video platform is the existence of the “Yule log video.” Usually serene holiday scenes set to Christmastime classics,...

Rock Cellar Magazine
December 9, 2020
White Stripes Share Two Vintage VH1 Performances from 2005; ‘Greatest Hits’ Out Now

This past Friday, Dec. 4 marked the release of the first-ever Greatest Hits collection from The White Stripes. The 26-track album chronicles the musical output of Jack and Meg White...

Rock Cellar Magazine
December 4, 2020
The White Stripes ‘Greatest Hits’ Traces Their Story from Humble Beginnings to Superstardom (Listen)

It’s easy to forget that The White Stripes weren’t exactly an “overnight success.” Despite seemingly arriving like a bolt of lightning with 2001’s White Blood Cells, which featured the immediate,...

Rock Cellar Magazine
November 13, 2020
White Stripes Share New ‘Apple Blossom’ Video, Announce Track List for ‘Greatest Hits’ (Out 12/4)

Jack White and Meg White burst forth from Michigan and forged a legacy with The White Stripes, their two-piece garage/rock stylings leaving a mark on the music scene two decades ago, before...