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Rock Cellar Magazine
February 8, 2022
Recap: System of a Down and Korn Dial it Back to the Early 2000s with Sold-Out Banc of California Stadium Gig

The once-inescapable “nu-metal” scene of the early 2000s was a sight to behold, as bands with aggressive, abrasive and genre-defying repertoires hit it big. Two of the most successful groups...

Rock Cellar Magazine
February 15, 2021
Watch in Awe as 20-Year-Old Polish Guitar Wizard Marcin Patrzalek Plays Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’

Marcin Patrzalek is a 20-year-old guitarist from Poland with an especially eye-popping method of play — and a recent video shared to his Instagram page is turning all kinds of...

Rock Cellar Magazine
February 2, 2021
Watch System of a Down’s ‘Genocidal Humanoidz’ Video, Premiered During a Live Stream Fundraiser for Armenian Soldiers

This past weekend, System of a Down hosted a special live stream fundraising event on its YouTube channel. Geared around raising money to support wounded Armenian soldiers injured in the...

Rock Cellar Magazine
January 25, 2021
System of a Down Hosting Live Stream Fundraising Event on YouTube 1/30, Benefiting Injured Armenian Soldiers

This Saturday, Jan. 30, System of a Down will host a special live stream event on the band’s official YouTube channel. The stream will feature the premiere of a music...

Rock Cellar Magazine
November 5, 2020
System of a Down Return with First Songs in 15 Years: Stream ‘Protect the Land’ and ‘Genocidal Humanoidz’

At long last, System of a Down has returned with new music. The Los Angeles-based hard rock/metal/experimental band shared two new songs on Thursday night, and “Protect the Land” and...

Rock Cellar Magazine
June 8, 2020
Editorial: Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and the Fallacy of Demanding That Socially-Conscious Musicians/Entertainers ‘Stick to Music’

The ubiquity of social media over the past decade-plus has led to one inescapable truth: Everybody can express themselves no matter what, all the time. This includes musicians like guitarist...

Rock Cellar Magazine
March 25, 2020
Q&A: System of a Down’s John Dolmayan on His Covers Album and System’s Future (‘It’s Really Stupid That We Haven’t Made An Album’)

John Dolmayan is known as the drummer for System of a Down, the dynamic and irreverent rock/metal act that burst onto the scene in the late 1990s with a truly...

Rock Cellar Magazine
February 28, 2020
Out Now: System of a Down Drummer John Dolmayan Re-Imagines Bowie, Talking Heads, Radiohead, Eminem and More on ‘These Grey Men’ LP (ft. Serj Tankian, M. Shadows and Tom Morello)

At this point, it’s anybody’s guess if the world might ever see a new album from System of a Down. It’s been 15 years since the incendiary rock/metal band‘s Mezmerize/Hypnotize...

Rock Cellar Magazine
February 3, 2020
System of a Down/Korn/Faith No More/Helmet/Russian Circles Stadium Gig Announced in Los Angeles 5/22

System of a Down announced a rather big bit of news on Monday. No, the esteemed nu-metal/thrash band didn’t announce its first new album in fifteen years (despite recent buzz),...

Rock Cellar Magazine
December 17, 2019
System of a Down Drummer John Dolmayan Urges His Band to ‘Check the Massive Egos at the Door,’ Citing Tool/Chili Peppers/Rage Against the Machine as Inspiration

In the early 2000s, few bands made as much noise with as singular a sound as System of a Down. The group’s frantic “nu-metal” tinged with thrash elements and infectious...