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Rock Cellar Magazine
September 9, 2020
Watch the Epic New Trailer for ‘Dune’ — Featuring Hans Zimmer’s Arrangement of Pink Floyd’s ‘Eclipse’

On Wednesday, Warner Bros. Pictures shared a new trailer for Dune, a fresh cinematic take on the futuristic 1965 novel from Frank Herbert. The new adaptation is currently scheduled to...

Rock Cellar Magazine
May 8, 2020
Muse’s Matt Bellamy Premieres ‘Tomorrow’s World,’ a Bit of Hope Spawned By the Dystopia of COVID-19 Isolation

Muse hit it big for a variety of reasons, but the English rock band’s marriage of grandiose, slightly prog-oriented music with vocalist Matt Bellamy and his powerful singing style were...

Rock Cellar Magazine
August 5, 2019
David Bowie’s ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ to Be Adapted as a TV Series, Per Reports

The Man Who Fell To Earth was a science fiction film originally released in 1976 starring the one and only David Bowie — and recent news has it that the...