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Rock Cellar Magazine
September 17, 2019
Rod Stewart Is Cancer-Free After a Non-Publicized Diagnosis Three Years Ago

Rod Stewart recently dropped a bit of news folks weren’t exactly expecting: He’s cancer-free, after beating diagnosed with prostate cancer three years ago. This came as a bit of a surprise...

Rock Cellar Magazine
October 11, 2016
Sir Rod Stewart Received Knighthood by the Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday

How’s your week going? Rod Stewart‘s is going pretty well, especially after he found himself in royal company at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday afternoon — as he was knighted by...

Rock Cellar Magazine
September 8, 2016
Behind the Curtain: Getting Mick Ronson to Open Up

When you think of the iconic guitar players who rocked a Les Paul and Marshall to create tones that fans still talk about to this day, certain names always come...

Rock Cellar Magazine
June 7, 2016
Time for A 'Reunion': Q&A with Whitford/St. Holmes

By the early ’80s, guitarist Brad Whitford and lead singer/guitarist Derek St. Holmes, members of Aerosmith and Ted Nugent respectively, had departed from their classic bands and were forging out...