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Rock Cellar Magazine
July 9, 2020
Top 11 Songs About Racism

This month’s Top 11 concerns racism — and, specifically, some of the most notable songs to tackle the complicated subject over the years.  “Hollywood folks like to believe they are...

Rock Cellar Magazine
June 25, 2020
‘Gone With the Wind’ Returns to HBO Max with Disclaimer About How 1939 Film ‘Denies the Horrors of Slavery’

The classic 1939 film Gone With the Wind was pulled from the HBO Max streaming service on June 10 in the wake of protests and civil unrest stemming from the May...

Rock Cellar Magazine
June 15, 2020
Liverpool/Beatles Landmark Penny Lane ‘In Danger of Being Renamed’ Due to Possible Slavery Connection

Penny Lane, a street in Liverpool, England that became a landmark once The Beatles used the street as the basis of a 1967 single, has found itself the subject of...

Rock Cellar Magazine
December 10, 2019
Watch Lenny Kravitz’s Video for ‘Here to Love,’ the Anthem for the United Nations’ #FightRacism Campaign

Music can have the power to bring us together, and that concept is at the heart of “Here to Love,” a song featured on Raise Vibration, the 2018 album from Lenny...