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Rock Cellar Magazine
October 28, 2021
‘Last Night in Soho’: Edgar Wright’s Specially Curated 1960s Soundtrack Infuses Film with a Style All its Own

Last Night in Soho is the new film from Edgar Wright, known for his previous works including Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Baby Driver, among others....

Rock Cellar Magazine
September 26, 2019
Top 11 Songs Recorded By Rock and Rock/Pop Duos

This latest Top 11 takes a look at some of the best songs recorded by rock and rock/pop duos over the years.  “Tis the only comfort of the miserable to...

Rock Cellar Magazine
December 21, 2016
Happy 73rd Birthday to Legendary Guitarist Albert Lee!

We at Rock Cellar would like to extend a very happy and healthy 73rd birthday legendary British guitarist Albert Lee! Albert is known for his fingerstyle and hybrid picking technique and...