Interest: Oliver Stone

Rock Cellar Magazine
September 14, 2016
Director Oliver Stone Blows the Whistle on ‘Snowden’ – and Who He’ll Vote For (Q&A)

We live in highly polarized times and one of our era’s biggest lightning rods of divisiveness is Edward Snowden. Opinions remain sharply divided over the young intelligence agent and contractor...

Rock Cellar Magazine
April 16, 2012
James Cromwell: Actor's Actor and Anti-Capitalist Activist

Actor James Cromwell is having a banner year: He played the chauffeur in The Artist, the Academy Award for Best Picture, and is now portraying the slave driver Pozzo in...

Rock Cellar Magazine
January 12, 2012
Director Oliver Stone On History. And America, Jim Morrison & Ron Paul.

photo: ©Taili Song Roth. All Rights Reserved In this candid conversation with Rock Cellar Magazine, Oliver Stone discusses On History, the new book he co-authored with Tariq Ali, the activist/intellectual who...