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Rock Cellar Magazine
July 27, 2020
Talkin’ ‘Bout This Generation: Filmmaker Bob Rose Explores How Today’s Musicians Find Success in ‘InstaBAND’

Since The Who burst upon the global stage more than half a century ago singing “My Generation,” the music scene — and how to succeed in it — has undergone...

Rock Cellar Magazine
June 2, 2020
#TheShowMustBePaused: Music Industry Joins Forces for #BlackoutTuesday in Memory of George Floyd

The past few days have seen powerful and, at times, frightening images of protest and civil unrest stemming from the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis...

Rock Cellar Magazine
September 8, 2016
The Music World's Most Overused Phrases Or, How Can I Say You Suck Without Saying You Suck?

Rock Cellar Magazine is proud to introduce a new category called The Bottom Line – featuring anecdotes and musings from Bill Cinque, seasoned music industry vet and author of The...