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Rock Cellar Magazine
November 12, 2021
Out Now: Eric Clapton’s ‘The Lady in the Balcony: Lockdown Sessions’ Album (Listen)

An … eventful past year or so continues for Eric Clapton, who drew attention/criticism for his involvement with Van Morrison in the singer/songwriter’s “anti-lockdown” songs and with his own outspoken comments regarding...

Rock Cellar Magazine
May 14, 2021
Paul Weller: On His Lockdown Record ‘Fat Pop, Vol. 1,’ Stockpiling Songs for a Return to Live Concerts (Listen)

In any decade of the latter half of the last century, Fat Pop, Vol. 1, the new album from Paul Weller, would have racked up at least four or five...

Rock Cellar Magazine
December 4, 2020
Hear ‘Stand and Deliver,’ the Aggressive New Anti-Lockdown Song from Eric Clapton & Van Morrison

Last week, music legends Eric Clapton and Van Morrison elicited strong reactions around the internet by announcing a new single, “Stand and Deliver,” a continuation of Van Morrison‘s recent string...

Rock Cellar Magazine
November 27, 2020
Eric Clapton & Van Morrison Teaming Up on New Anti-Lockdown Song, ‘Stand and Deliver’ — Premiering 12/4

Recent weeks have seen the premiere of a trio of aggressive and not-too-subtle “anti-lockdown” protest songs from Van Morrison, as the Irish songwriting legend has made no bones about his...

Rock Cellar Magazine
October 23, 2020
Van Morrison Shares ‘No More Lockdown,’ the Third and Final in His Series of Aggressively ‘Anti-Lockdown Protest Songs’

Van Morrison has officially had it with COVID-19 restrictions — we’ve known that for a while, even before the singing/songwriting legend announced a trio of “anti-lockdown protest songs”  urging a...

Rock Cellar Magazine
October 12, 2020
Listen to ‘As I Walked Out,’ the Second Anti-Lockdown Song from Van Morrison

Earlier this month, Van Morrison made his perspective known: He’s very opposed to government-imposed lockdowns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, so much so that he planned a series of “anti-lockdown protest songs”  urging a return to full-capacity...

Rock Cellar Magazine
September 25, 2020
Van Morrison Shares Anti-Lockdown Song ‘Born to Be Free’ – ‘The New Normal is Not Normal’

Earlier this month, Van Morrison made his perspective known: He’s very opposed to government-imposed lockdowns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, so much so that he planned a series of “anti-lockdown protest...

Rock Cellar Magazine
September 22, 2020
Mike Campbell’s The Dirty Knobs Share ‘Lockdown Part II’ Video; Debut Album Due Out 11/20

2020 hasn’t gone as planned for anyone — that much is true, to say the least — and it’s definitely altered the plans of The Dirty Knobs, the band led...

Rock Cellar Magazine
September 18, 2020
Van Morrison Doubles Down, Plans to Release Three ‘Protest Songs Against Lockdown’ Beginning 9/25

In late August, Van Morrison entitled Save Live Music. In the essay, the Irish singer/songwriter issued a passionate plea to his fellow artists and musicians to eschew the “new reality”...

Rock Cellar Magazine
August 14, 2020
Jeff Slate (Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Rock Cellar Writer) Releases 43-Track ‘Lockdown Live’ Album, ft. Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Warren Zevon Covers and More

Jeff Slate is a New York-based singer/songwriter with a prolific solo career — in addition to being a rock music journalist. He’s a regular contributor to Rock Cellar (if you...