Interest: John Lennon

Rock Cellar Magazine
November 3, 2011
Roadie Henry Smith on the Early Days of Led Zeppelin and the John Lennon Tour That Might Have Been

Henry ‘The Horse’ Smith admits that he sometimes gets annoyed with people asking Led Zeppelin questions. After all, the good-natured 64 year old roadie/road manager has a lot more on...

Rock Cellar Magazine
October 4, 2011
The Visual Art of 9 Famous Musicians

Is it in their DNA? Possibly a “creative genius” gene that science has yet to discover? Or is it an otherwordly gift – one that is physically untraceable? Perhaps it’s...

Rock Cellar Magazine
August 19, 2011
John and Yoko Bed-in

In 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged the first bed-in, an attempt for world peace through staying in bed. Their ultimate goal was to enlighten the world, and put...